Today was a travel day. After a way to short night in a very nice hotel we would be going to Chicago. While walking out I noticed a sign next to the entrance. Apparently it is very unhealthy to stay in this hotel… Well… rock on!
Because we have so much baggage with us, we would not all fit in the van. So I went earlier with Jose and John to the airport with all of our baggage to sort it all out at the airport with extra baggage and overweight baggage etc.  With only 12 people, we have over 30 pieces of luggage, consisting of personal luggage, but also keyboards, guitars, pedal boards, cases with leads, wires, microphones and in-ear systems. A lot of stuff to haul around… But we found this friendly skycap that helped us with everything and did not charge us too much for the extra and overweight luggage. The flight itself was good, and I slept a bit on the plane. When arriving we went to the hotel, while our gear was brought to the venue by our local runner. The hotel was really great! We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago. All in style rooms. When I checked in, the manager gave me an upgrade to a very nice room with a nice view of Chicago.  A big ass TV , iPod station, nice desk and free use of the in-house business centre, including printer and copier. Just what I needed!! Because I had a lot to do, I decided not to go out with the rest and have a bite at the hotel. I know that the Hard Rock Café burgers are pretty good, so I choose to have that delivered to my room. Way to expensive of course, but at least I could continue to work. I spent the rest of evening preparing for the shows, and went to bed around 03:00 am.

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