Feeew…. and now it is time to sleeeeeeeeeeep!

It is always nice to have a day off after such an intense week of rehearsing, touring, playing, setting up, breaking down. On Monday morning I woke up around noon, and that was the first time in a week I slept more than 9 hours. But waking up and not having to play is also a bit sad. I really live for touring and playing. It is a lot of work, and it is demanding on the body and the mind, but I totally love it. I cannot do that enough.
But you need to be smart also, so we have now three days of relaxing, before we hit Germany with the last two shows of this little tour. I am so looking forward to those shows. They are going to be great!
Yesterday (Monday) Elisa and I went back to De Boerderij. I needed to finish some administrative stuff with them. Arie invited us to stay for diner over there, and to enjoy the concert of Mike stern with Dave Weckl on drums. We had some great chats with the people of De Boerderij. And after the diner we watched Mike Stern, Dave Weckl, Randy Brecker and Chris Minh Doky play. It was really great seeing these masters of music do there thing, on the same stage we had played just two days earlier.
Very nice to attend a great concert. Totally relaxing to the mind!
Tonight Jessica has a gig with a pianist at the Fashion Cafe at Piet Somers. So she just left. I have the rest of the day free, so I will be laying on the couch and watching some movies tonight!!
Tomorrow I need to fix the hardware of my kit, as I don’t want that drumkit to move so much!
I hope to see you all in Zeche, Bochum and in Colos-Saal in Aschaffenburg. It is going to be great!! It will be a great ending of this tour.
See you soon!

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