So, I just returned from Cultura, where we had the first concert. It was a blast! So much fun, so much energy, a small but great audience! It was in a small theater, so it was cosy, and intimate.

I was a little nervous how this first gig would be, but it turned out great. I was sooo enjoying playing all this great music, that I played with a lot of energy. Nice for the music, but not so nice for my gear. Here at the first gig, I broke 3 sticks and my favorite Zildjian A-Custom 17” Crash… aaaaahhhhh….

The sticks I don’t mind, but my soooo beautifull sounding A-Custom crash is gone…. That’s the downside of it… Now I hope that I can find a shop near to the next gig where I an buy a new one… Hopefully it will sound as good as this one did.

We played for more than 2,5 hours. If you wanna know what we played? Well, come and see for your self! 🙂
Well it is now 01:44, time to go to bed. In about 10 hours we are driving to Rijssen for the second gig.

See you there, or some other place!


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