Man…. I try to sleep a lot, do nothing and get my energy back. But I really miss being on tour! Although the daily tasks are calling my name, like running my music school, accounting, and working through tons of emails, I really would like to get in the bus, and drive to the next gig, and play a 3 hour set 😉
Not only the more boring tasks are waiting for me but also some nicer things, like writing songs for my own progressive project Transfusion. I hope to start the actual recording in the spring of 2009. I will give myself the winter to write about ten songs.  Not everything that will come out of my brain will probably finds it way on the CD, so I will have some friends writing for me also. I hope to make a CD with at least 70 minutes of music. I like long gigs, but also long CD’s. Well, let’s see where it all goes to.
I have a lot of lyrical themes running in my head. Themes that dealing with the nonsense of life, and the time we waste on this planet. In stead of doing something with that what God gave us, we let time run through our fingers, and sit before the TV, watching empty lies that we think will make us feel good. The drugs of the masses so to say. It is not that I think that my songs will change anything, but it is always good to get people thinking about their own life.
But it should not only be a heavy serious thing, it should be fun and exciting as well. So I am very curious what will come out of this winter of writing.
Well, I am going to watch a movie or something.
Talk to you all soon!

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