Last weekend we had rehearsals with the Neal Morse Band. Without Neal, but with Paul Bielatowicz, our guitarplayer of this mini-tour. He is an awesome guitarplayer from the UK. Want to know more about him? Go to his MySpace:
Also for our first gig, Elisa Krijgsman (he played guitars during the QuestionMark tour in the summer of 2006) will join as a special guest during the encore. That will be great. Here we are rehearsing In The Fire, the soloparts. As you can see, there will be a lot of guitarshredding going on that concert.

So here’s the movie. Be patient, it can take some time to load. It’s worth the wait!

Want to be there? It will be on the 24th of May in The Shelter in Veenendaal, The Netherlands.
Send an email to: with your name, adress and how many tickets you want. The ticketprice is 15 euros. Hope to see you there, or  else at the IO-Fest at De Boerderij in Zoetermeer, Holland.

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