00:27 – Okay, I promised that I would write something, so here I am now in the middle of the night writing this blog to you all. First of all , thank you so much for all the kind words. Nice to see that the prog-family is still alive and kicking!!
Today it was again a very loooong day of rehearsals. Neal came in the evening, after a long journey, and difficulties with baggage missing etc. But everything turned out okay. After a great diner, made by a friend of us, Esther Boertien, we played through some Sola stuff, and it ROCKED!!! WOW, these gigs are going to be good!! Well tomorrow more about the playing.
Oh, by the way. We all get our copy of the new live-CD, and is it sounding so good. It really brings a lot of great memories of last year back to mind. You really should get it! I think you all will enjoy it very much!
Still no pictures or new movies, but tomorrow I’ll make some.
We’ll I am keeping it short today, I really want to have some sleep. Okay, tomorrow a new update! Cya!

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