WOW – what a day, and what a gig. We had to be in the venue really early, as the festival would start at 16:00, and a hour before the doors would open.
So still half sleeping we entered De Boerderij. A great venue, with great people working there. so after setup and soundcheck, camerarehearsals and some tweaking, tuning etc, the festival took off. It started with a nice group called Dial, formed by ex Pain Of Salvation bassist Kristof Gildenlow. After that it was Mangrove who took the stage with some symphonic rock with hints to Marillion and Genesis.
By the way: Yesterday (Friday) we went to see the soundcheck of Spock’s Beard. It was really strange to see The Beard on stage, and Neal in the hall looking at his old band. After soundcheck we went home again. Jessica was preparing a barbeque for us all, so that was nice. But when a traffic jam hit us, we had to cancell the BBQ, and went to get some fries instead.
Back to our gig. I think it went well. We rocked, and the audience rocked too! It must have been funny to see us ‘fighting’ sometimes with the cameracrew. Henk was playing a fast lick up his keayboard, but then could not finish it, as his hand bumped into the camera. WHAHAHA! I want to see that footage again!! Oh, and when my drumstick broke, it hit the camera(wo)man standing behind me. Sorry for that! 😉
We played the whole set, including the Testimedly, 35 minutes of outtakes of the Testimony album. I really love that one. Actually, the whole set is amazing, all that proggy stuff, combined with ballads and solo’s. It really is worth capturing this. Hopefully the DVD-shoot went well, and we can release it as a DVD. So the whole setlist (with encores) is about 3 hours long. And we play just 8 songs!!! That can only happen at a prog concert!
Tomorrow we have a travelday to Aschaffenburg (near Frankfurt) where we will play on Monday. Hope to see you all there!!
By the way, if you have some pictures of us playing, please send them to me! Because I am behind my drumkit, I cannot make any pictures. Thanx!

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