Day 20 – Harmagedon

I slept pretty okay and after my breakfast in the sun, I dived into a lot of paperwork I had to do for my music school. As soon as Rich came in we started working on the tile track of the album, Harmagedon. A crazy track with lots of vocal things and leads going on, so we took a lot of time to dial in everything. Rich EQ’ed, processed and automated almost every syllable. He’s a genius and he will won’t stop being tedious, until it sounds good. 🙂 Continue reading →

Day 19 – Just chillin’

Super Bowl day. Today Rich had a day off. So I was all by my self in the studio/apartment and worked a bit on the artwork, and other stuff for the release of the album. But most of the time I used to listen to the mixes, and make notes. I enjoyed sitting outside in the sun, and had a relax day. A day to just hang and do not much. I tried to watch a boring Super Bowl game, but after half an hour I could not interest myself enough for it to keep watching it. By the way, what’s up with this game…. 3 minutes of play, meaning: throw a ball, jump all over each other, and then bang commercial. After the commercial, the whole thing repeats itself. Over and over again. And they are BAD quality commercials. So really NO fun at all to watch this. During half time they had this horrible performance of Madonna, and that was it for me. Off with the telly and went upstairs to watch a movie.

I must say that camping here in Rich his studio has been great, but I am so done with it. I want to get out of here as soon as possible, back home. But that will take another week. Pppfffff… Well hopefully tomorrow I will be a little bit more motivated than today. I’m going to bed early tonight, get some rest.

Day 17 – New Jerusalem

This morning we finished the first mix of New Jerusalem. It kinda rocked, but I wanted to get a little bit more punch to it, so we put the rhythm guitars a little bit more up. Made a huge difference! The ending of the song was suppose to be a long fade-out, but when we where getting to the end of it, Rich had this cool idea to suddenly stop the music, and continue with the strings only. He made this cool lo-fi delay effect for Ted’s vocal going into the strings only section. Very cool!

At 15:00 Joe Holmes and his vocalist came in, so I moved back upstairs to my little ‘edit room’ to finalize the orchestral outtakes bonus track of the album. I thought of a work title: “HarmaSuite” just for fun, but it looks like that will be the name of that track.

The rest of the day I filled with working at business stuff for my music school, continued this blog, cooked some diner and watched a couple of movies. A good day!


Day 13 – Back-up problems

This morning I went down to get some breakfast and checked on the backups, only to find the computer screen cluttered with error messages. Hhmm… somethings wrong here. After some investigation it came clear that one of the Firewire 800 outputs of the Master disc drive was fried. And since we used that port to hook up my back-up drive and other drives, those drives now had a fried Firewire 800 port as well. Continue reading →