Today is my birthday. And it is the longest birthday I ever had. It started at 00:00 in The Netherlands, and ended 33 hours later at 24:00 in LA 😉 Great to have timezones in this way. If only I could have a party of 33 hours.. 😉 It came down to a 14 hour studio day – which was great as we got to get a lot of work done.Some of you may think, man for an album with 11 songs and around 78 minutes of music, you take a great deal of time. And yes, you are right. But remember, since we are half in the analog realm, all effects printing, listening back, playing, recording, processing etc is all done real-time. With plugins you can take a plugin, put it on as much channels you want, tweak it, and every time you play the track, it’s there.

Since we have to print all the effects real-time back into Pro Tools it’s taking a looong time!

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