Well, I’m sitting here in the train on my way home while typing the last few words of this blog. What a trip it was. I started this blog with saying that in two weeks I would be home with the masters. It became 4 weeks, but it was more than worth it. I hope I still feel the same when we get the final invoice of Rich, hahaha.

The flight went well, I did not sleep too much, but that did not bother me at all, since I was flying Premium Economy with Air New Zealand again, so all the luxury I needed was there. I watched some movies and TV series, they had excellent food and wine, so no boring times here ;). In London I had to wait for three hours before I could take the next flight to Amsterdam. Luckily I found a Wagamama (noodles) restaurant, which is one of my favorite restaurants, so I had a great and relaxed lunch there, and the time flew by. The flight to Amsterdam was extremely bumpy with constant turbulence, but it’s a short flight, and I was too tired to really being bothered by it. The rest of the passengers where not so relaxed, even some screaming and by the looks of it some of them where quite terrified.

That’s one of the benefits of having a 50+ hour day with hardly any sleep. You’re in this vaporous state, and it seems that everything goes by you in slow-motion without really disturbing your conscience. Well, I’m almost in my home town, so I better put the laptop away. The trip has been a pleasure and I hope you enjoyed reading about it. This blog has come to an end but stay tuned for more news and blogs in the future!

I can’t wait to get this album in your hands, but it will still take about 3,5 months more until the release date. The mixing and mastering are done. Now we are entering the promotion part, getting the website up and running, spreading the word, and starting pre-sales. But that’s a different story to tell. I’m stoked about this album, I think it is sounding great. Rich did a marvelous job and I am so looking forward getting this album into your hands. Please if you do so, let me know what you think of the album. We’d love to hear from you!

But first thing’s first… I’ll probably will SLEEP for a few days in a row!!

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