Today we had a long day of working. We finished another three songs, pre-mastered them through tape and sent them off to the others. This process took all day. We are half-way the album now, so we’re getting there! Joe Holmes was suppose to come in around 6pm, but in the end they did not start recording until somewhere around 10pm or something. They where recording bass with a very famous bass player, who’s name I am not allowed to mention here (or did I already mention his name in this blog earlier?). All I can say now he’s in one of the most successful metal bands of all time. You know, the one with the sandman? 🙂 I did not meet him unfortunately, they where to busy recording. I tried to sleep but they went on working up until 4am or something. Crazy! It was their last day in the studio, so from tomorrow on until I leave we will have all day to work on our album. And we will need the time – so much still to do.

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