Today when Rich came in, I was still having breakfast. Rich has picked up my repaired laptop at the Apple Store. And I was just in time. It was the last day of the warranty – so it was a close call – but it worked out! It got a new track-pad so I can work on this laptop for some more time (while waiting for the new Mac Book Pro to be released, somewhere this year). Rich and I started talking about the deeper stuff of life and the moment we realized that we better do some work before Joe Holmes and his team came in, they where already there. Where did time go? Before we knew it it was 3pm. So no mixing work done today, but I don’t mind. You can’t say no to a good conversation now and then, right?
When Rich started tracking vocals with Joe Holmes and his crew I went upstairs to my little edit studio / office and worked for the rest of the day on administration stuff for my music school. It was good to get some work done, because while I am here in LA working on Affector, everything else with music school keeps on going, ans needs my input as well. And I did not want Jessica (my wife) to be buried in that work because I’m here in LA. So up until I went to bed around 11pm I kept on working for my music school. It made me a little bit home-sick as I would rather do this work at my office, but hey…. I got to hang in there a little bit more 😉

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