2015! Bring it on!

A new year already! Last year my website was hacked, attacked so many times, that I had to rebuild a website from scratch. So I lost a lot of posts. Luckily I was able to get everything up until 2014 back online. I’m happy I was able to recover the Neal Morse Tour, Transatlantic Whirlwind Tour and the Mixing Affector blogs. Well, we will just pick things up from here 😉

What have I been up to? Mainly I am working on my music schools. We expanded to three schools now and we’re working on opening 3 other music schools in The Netherlands in the coming months. Exciting stuff!

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Happy new year!

A new year full of new chances to make something great! Looking back on 2013, I can fully say that it has been my best year so far! A lot of great things happened music wise, but also business wise and on a personal level. I just can’t wait to what 2014 will bring us! This year for me will start with a few new releases I played drums on.

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Recording a new album with Dilemma this week!

This week we started recording our new album with one of my bands, Dilemma.
In the past months we wrote several songs and combined with song ideas we had floating around we started making our album. Yesterday (Monday) we set up and recorded the roughs of a song. Today we have recorded 3 songs and after fooling around with some new song ideas we put a rough version of that on tape (drive that is).

Tomorrow afternoon we will probably have recorded all the songs we had finished writing, and then the fun part begins, as we will have 6 days of writing and recording new stuff.

So it will be a creative and intense week in the studio.

Stay tuned asis album will rock your socks off! 🙂