After a long, long drive from Siegen to Hamburg, BUT a good rest in the hotel, it was time to go to the Logo. A club near the centre of Hamburg. It is one of the oldest music-clubs of Hamburg. It was a small stage, but the crew worked hard, and where able to get everything on the stage. The only thing I had to leave in the truck was my Gong-drum, that did not fit on stage.

The club was packed with almost 300 people, and was allmost sold-out. And it was HOT…. sooooooo hot inside. But because we where all on stage so close to each other, it made the playing so much fun and easyer.
I think it was one of the best gigs we did during this tour.

When we where ready, all our clothes where soaked with sweat. It was really hot, I drank more than 4,5 liters of water DURING the concert, and it still was not enough…

Afterwards we had a great time chatting with some fans. some people came from France, and where everywhere, the whole tour, exept for London. A nice couple from Groningen (sorry forgot your names), came on from Verviers, until the end of the tour. And so on.

Oh, in Rijssen, there was this guy from India, who came all the way just to see Neal perform…. wow.. respect!!

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