I am writing this in Hamburg, we have just arrived for the concert tonight. We had a long day of traveling, stood still in a trafficjam for 1,5 hours, but have managed to get here on time!

Yesturday we played in Siegen, in the Bismarc Halle. It was a nice hall, but with a lot of reverb, so I was curious if the sound could be good here. But when the people started to enter the roon, the acoustics changed for the better.

We had a great night, for me personally it was one of the best shows we have played. It rocked, the sound was great, the audience looked like they where really into it.

Now I have a little time to shower and get ready for tonight.

See you soon!

edit: by the way, we had some great reviews in the Siegen newspaper. A prog review in a ‘normal’ paper! That’s cool!

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