I am standing at the bar right now, loading a soundfile with the concert of tonight. So I can listen to it tomorrow in the car on our way to Kelsterbach.

It was a great concert, sound was great, playing was great! We really had fun. The stage was really small, but the crew managed to get all the gear on stage, AND leave space for the band to stand behind the instruments 🙂
The sound was great, the atmosphere was great, the small audience was great, Spirit of 66 was great, so I look back at a great gig in Verviers!

Tomorrow we will be joined by a friend of mine, Camiel, who will go with us for the last part of the tour. He will record the shows on 24-track, so hopefully we will have some great recordings, to share with you all… well, that’s up to Neal of course.

Well, I have to go in a few minutes to the hotel, and see you all in Germany this week! Looking foreward to it!

See you soon!

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