I have just returned from the 2nd rehearsalday. I started at 9 this morning with changing all the drumheads, and tuning the kit together with Ruben, my friend and drumtech. After that I helped Henk (the keyboardplayer) with some programming. At eleven we started with playing. We played through the whole setlist, and tweaked where needed.

This week we have a so called ‘hitte golf’, don’t know that in Engilsh, but translated it sould be something like ‘heatwave’. It means 5 days in a row with 30+ degrees celcius, and no rain. And it is hot…. pppfffff, BUT where we are rehearsing they have airconditioning, so that’s great 🙂

I am really looking foreward to playing with the band before real audiences. I think it will be soooo cool! The music is soo powerfull, I really enjoy every minute of it!

I promised a videoclip of the rehearsal, but we where so busy, I did not have the time to set it all up. Maybe tomorrow! I do know that Neal has filmed some parts of it, and he will try to get it online. So check his site!

I usally close with… ‘and now off to bed…’, but I hope that I can sleep, it is about 35 degrees Celcius in my room… ppffff…

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