Day 13 – Back-up problems

This morning I went down to get some breakfast and checked on the backups, only to find the computer screen cluttered with error messages. Hhmm… somethings wrong here. After some investigation it came clear that one of the Firewire 800 outputs of the Master disc drive was fried. And since we used that port to hook up my back-up drive and other drives, those drives now had a fried Firewire 800 port as well. Continue reading →

Day 12 – Drum Effects

Had a great night, good sleep and got up rested. Enjoyed a nice time of worship from Jesus Culture, watched a good sermon by Kim Walker on Youtube and chatted with Jessica via Skype. Totally enjoyed the warmth of the sun while sitting outside at the pool for a short moment. It must have been 23 degrees Celsius, and it was only 11am. I love it. Back at home Jessica (my wife) is in wintertime with freezing cold, snowy weather. Continue reading →

Day 8 – Edit day 5

This morning I sat down with Rich to talk about the progress and what was needed to be done, before we can start mastering. Well, enough to be done here, and as we both think we should not make this a ‘hurry-up-job’ – as we want the best possible results. But this meant that I probably have to stay a little bit longer in LA, as we will not make it before my return flight of February 1.
The other challenge was that Rich has a client coming in on Feb 1st to do 9 days of vocal recordings and a day of bass recordings with Robert Trujillo (Metallica). So we had to find a way to work around that. And luckily the singer will not start recording before 16:00 and will do so for about 5 hours a day, and he will be recording for 2 days, and then take a day off to spare his voice. So that means that there will be time enough to work on the Affector mix around those times.

But then another problem arose, since I wont be home before February 8, and the deadline for all the material is February 9. So I need to finish this album while I’m here in LA. So I definitely need to make a picture here, and get a lot of paperwork ready.
So enough to do for the coming weeks 😉