New tour dates with Kayak!

Do you want to see me play live with Kayak?

Here are the first dates of the 2018 tour! See you there?

24-01-2018 Tilburg, 013, NL
25-01-2018 Leeuwarden, Neushoorn, NL
26-01-2018 Alkmaar, Victorie, NL
27-01-2018 Zoetermeer, De Boerderij, NL
28-01-2018 Arnhem, Luxor, NL

More shows will be announced soon!
Presales will start on Saturday September 16th.

2015! Bring it on!

A new year already! Last year my website was hacked, attacked so many times, that I had to rebuild a website from scratch. So I lost a lot of posts. Luckily I was able to get everything up until 2014 back online. I’m happy I was able to recover the Neal Morse Tour, Transatlantic Whirlwind Tour and the Mixing Affector blogs. Well, we will just pick things up from here 😉

What have I been up to? Mainly I am working on my music schools. We expanded to three schools now and we’re working on opening 3 other music schools in The Netherlands in the coming months. Exciting stuff!

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Happy new year!

A new year full of new chances to make something great! Looking back on 2013, I can fully say that it has been my best year so far! A lot of great things happened music wise, but also business wise and on a personal level. I just can’t wait to what 2014 will bring us! This year for me will start with a few new releases I played drums on.

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When I woke up around 9am, Rich was already working and after a quick cereal and running through the shower I joined him in what is the last day of the whole process. Tomorrow I will fly home, so we NEED to finish it today. And also because of the dealine the label gave me. I need to upload the masters today, or else the release date could be in jeopardy. We planned on finishing up around 4pm, and have the evening off, so I finally could see something of the area. We where planing on having diner in Hollywood and drive around all night and have fun, sleep a few hours, and then drive to the airport around noon so I could catch my flight back home. Boy, did this day change…

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24 Jan 2018 Kayak Tilburg, NL Poppodium 013 Poppodium 013
25 Jan 2018 Kayak Leeuwarden Neushoorn Neushoorn
26 Jan 2018 Kayak Alkmaar Victorie Victorie
27 Jan 2018 Kayak Zoetermeer De Boerderij De Boerderij
28 Jan 2018 Kayak Arnhem Luxor Luxor

Collin Leijenaar is a Dutch drummer and one of the founding members of the international progressive rock/metal band Affector ( He is also drummer in the Dutch post-prog band Dilemma ( and the UK based prog band Dusk feat. Dec Burke. Recently he joined the Dutch prog rock icons Kayak.

Collin made a name in the progressive rock scene by becoming the drummer, bandleader and tourmanager in the European live band of Neal Morse (Transatlantic/Flying Colors) where he subbed for Mike Portnoy (Transatlantic/Flying Colors/ex-Dream Theater). Between 2005 and the summer of 2011 Collin has toured with Neal Morse through Europe and released live albums and DVD’s.

To date he has played, guested, toured and recorded with many bands and artists, including: Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Neal Morse (Transatlantic, Flying Colors), Dave Bainbridge (Iona), Derek Sherinian (Black Country Communion, PlanetX), Mike Portnoy, Steve Hackett, Paul Bielatowicz (Carl Palmer Trio), Duffy, Andy Pratt, Spock’s Beard, Eva Kathryn, Sinfonietta Consonus Orchestra and many others.

But he is not only a musician but also a successful entrepreneur. One of the four companies Collin founded is Tour Support Europe, from which Collin works as tourmanager, agent and concert promotor. He has toured and worked with artists and bands including: Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy, Transatlantic, Affector, Dilemma and others.

His main company is Novae Popschool, a modern music school which is operating in The Netherlands. To date his music school has grown into an organization with over 500+ students and a team of 35 teachers, staff members and volunteers and has several locations across cities in The Netherlands, while more cities are continually added to the roster.

As an artist, educator, author and entrepreneur, Collin works and lives with a mission: “To create a more socially, loving & giving society through the power of renewed music education that will help people have more succes and fulfillment in life”. He believes that music education is something that should be rooted at the basis of everyone’s education and upbringing, as it is part of mankind’s general development.

He also coaches and helps music teachers, musicians and cultural entrepreneurs in finding a successful balance between artistically and business like entrepreneurship.

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For booking or any other information, fee free to get in touch!

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