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Happy new year!

Happy new year! A new year full of new chances to make something great! Looking back on 2013, I can fully say that it has been my best year so far! A lot of great things happened music wise, but also business wise and on a personal level. I just

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Day 28 – Travel day

and back in the cold Netherlands
Well, I’m sitting here in the train on my way home while typing the last few words of this blog. What a trip it was. I started this blog with saying that in two weeks I would be home with the masters. It became 4 weeks, but it was more

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YES! we did it!
When I woke up around 9am, Rich was already working and after a quick cereal and running through the shower I joined him in what is the last day of the whole process. Tomorrow I will fly home, so we NEED to finish it today. And also because of the

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